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 Working Landlord, Happy Tenants

 Working Landlord, Happy
by Roger Clist
 152 x 230mm paperback
 160 pages, 300g. NZ$10
 October 2004
 ISBN 0958256306

 Mr Landlord, Mr Fix-it

 Mr Landlord, Mr Fix-it
 by Roger Clist
 152 x 230mm paperback
 160 pages, 300g. NZ$10
 March 2006
 ISBN 0958256314

The books are no longer available in bookstores but copies are available by order.

Only NZ$10.00 ea. post paid to any New Zealand address.

  • Working Landlord, Happy Tenants
  • Mr Landlord, Mr Fix-it

How to order

By internet banking
Please credit ASB Bank 12-3064-0095540-00 with $10.00 per copy using your name as Particulars, and any other identifiers of your choice in the Code and Reference fields.

Then send an email to [email protected] mentioning the direct credit payment and stating the title(s) you require, and giving your address for delivery. All emails will be acknowledged. Expect delivery within 7 days unless advised otherwise.


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 R S Clist
 12 Murray Becroft Ave
 Henderson Valley
 Auckland 0612
 New Zealand