Working Landlord, Happy Tenants

 Working Landlord, Happy
by Roger Clist
 152 x 230mm paperback
 160 pages, 300g. NZ$10
 October 2004
 ISBN 0958256306

 Mr Landlord, Mr Fix-it

 Mr Landlord, Mr Fix-it
 by Roger Clist
 152 x 230mm paperback
 160 pages, 300g. NZ$10
 March 2006
 ISBN 0958256314

Working Landlord, Happy Tenants

A comprehensive, practical book for New Zealand property investors and managers.

Working Landlord, Happy Tenants is a hands-on guide for typical New Zealand landlords - people who are in employment but also want to manage their own properties. It picks up where most property investment books end, focusing squarely on the practical issues of managing your residential investment properties.

Working Landlord, Happy Tenants is based on the author's fifteen years experience as a spare-time property investor and manager. Written for easy reading with lots of practical anecdotes, this book will expand your knowledge:

  • Residential properties
  • Ownership structures
  • Taking on tenants
  • Managing tenancies
  • Complying with tenancy law
  • Mediations and Tribunal hearings
  • Landlord accounting
  • Cleaning for letting
  • Useful tips
  • And much more...

Mr Landlord, Mr Fix-it

As anyone involved with managing rental investments will testify, the purchase and letting of a house, flat, or apartment is just the beginning of the story. Nothing keeps in perfect condition for long, and a certain amount of maintenance is unavoidable irrespective of property age. This book deals with maintenance with respect to fitness for purpose, and presents a variety of issues and solutions that are likely to be encountered sooner or later.

Mr Landlord, Mr Fix-it is a companion volume to Working Landlord, Happy Tenants. Written in an easy-reading style liberally sprinkled with tips and anecdotes, this book discusses:

  • Maintenance for rentability
  • Roofs, walls, doors, windows
  • Interior maintenance and decoration
  • Floor coverings, drapes and curtains
  • Plumbing and drainage systems
  • Electrical services and stoves
  • Grounds and gardens
  • Fences and driveways
  • Tools and materials
  • And much more...

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